Sultan bayezid received the title of Yıldırım (thunder) because of his heroicacts in bettlefields etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
Sultan bayezid received the title of Yıldırım (thunder) because of his heroicacts in bettlefields etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster



YILDIRIM COMPLEX                                                                                    
Sultan bayezid received the title of Yıldırım (thunder) because of his heroicacts in bettlefields The childhood of yıldırım bayezid passed in bursa where he took lessons from important scientists of that era in bursa he was well educated in every aspect his father arranged a marriage for him with the daughter of Germiyanoğlu they god married with a fairy tale wedding ceromony according to the will of murad Hüdavendigar who was the governor of kütahya and died a martry in kosava he became the Sultan in 1389 at the age of 29 he lost Ankara war against Timur in 1402 was taken captive by Timur for 7 monts and 12 days and died at the age of 43 on march 8 .1403 his body was transferred to bursa by his son Mehmet Çelebi and he was buried in his complex the names of his Children were Musa Çelebi. Süleiman Çelebi. Mustafa Çelebi.İsa Çelebi.Mehmed Çelebi.Ertuğrul Çelebi.Kasım Çelebi.and Fatma Sultan.                                              
The mausoleum was constructed by ali the son of architect Hüseyin with the order of Süleyman Çelebi the order son of Yıldırım Bayezid on rebiyülahır h.809/georgian 1406 there are five coffins in the mausoleum whic belong to Yıldırım Bayezid (death.1402) Musa Çelebi.(death.1413) İsa Çelebi.(death.1410) and two unknown women.
İt was built within the Complex it is compesed of 20 rooms around a rectangle porched courtyard
and an open study room similar to aniwan the rooms at corners have two windows and other rooms
have one window and furnace there is a pool in the middle of the courtyard the front façade is made
of cut stones sides are made of rubble stones and bricks today it server as a dispensary.
YILDIRIM MOSQUE                                      
 The mosque was constructed by Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid in 1390-1395.It is one of the '' T '' planned (with a Lodge) mosques. There are two large domes in the North andSouth directions and iwans with small domes at the east and west directions and one room at both sides covered with cross vaults and mirrors. The mosque, which is considered to be one with lodging areaand a small dervish lodge has rooms at the left and right parts of the principal prayer area; these rooms were used by administrative units of the state.Sometimes visitors were hosted in these rooms.The people who were in charge of these room were called ''shaik of the lodge'' or ''head of the room''Decorations inside the mosque is very simple.The minarets of the mosque located on an area frequently taking southwest wind were damaged from different parts for many times and were repaired each time.One of the minarets collapsed in 1854 and the other one 1949 and in 1950s a single minaret was constructed,which is separated from the mosque.Today(2015) after the works of Bursa Metropolitan municipality to reconstruct the original minarets have been completed.Bursa now has a silhouette that was long awaited.
This building was constructed beetwen 1390-1394 by Yıldırım Bayezid on a sloped hill, which makes it interesting.The building is a short distance further away from the complex and has 21 rooms araund the courtyard with a porch and two kitchens, two doctor's room at the sides and one mess hall in the middle. The building is the first hospital of the ottomans.There are two iwans, a countyard with a porch and rooms surrounding them in the building which has a rectangular plan.There are 10 room at each side of the garden.The cramics used in the buildings survived until 1911.The hospital was repaired many times and remained in ruins for a long time and then was restored and turned into an eye hospital.                                                                
The small looking building was constructed within the complex with rubble stone and all individual parts are covered with small domes.The building,which was repaired in 1605 and 1671,today belongs to a real person and used as a warehouse and other purposes.
The public kitchen,which does not exist today,was located at the area where a primary school is located today.
YILDIRIM STREAM The stream is also called as the Akçağlayan Stream,was directed from the foothills of Uludağ Mountain by Yıldırım Bayezid firstly to be buildings in the complex and then to other fountains of complexes and mosques.Fountains of Kızık in Hacı Seyfeddin Quarter and Ak Çeşme in front of the Beyazıt Mosque are two of the  many others.This waterway was repaired in 1619,1637,1663,1671.